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Kit 230V Warmer Heater Engine Assembly
Maternal-Infant Care
Giraffe Warmers
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Kit 230V Warmer Heater Engine Assembly is a warmer assembly in which radiant heat from an infrared heat source is focused onto the bed to warm the patient. The heat engine is provided as a part of the warmer. The heat engine is placed in between the upper and lower housing of the housing assembly. The heater engine assembly consists of a heater, east/west heater mount, heater guard, reflector heat warmer, radiant heater and some fasteners such as screws and washers. It provides heat which can be controlled according to need. The warmer heat engine assembly kit contains the heat engine, top foam, bottom foam, label and box. The heat engine is wrapped in between top and bottom foam in the box. The foam is used to avoid the damage and scratches during shipment. The box is closed and taped securely. A label is placed on the box for easy part identification. The heat engine comes as a part of UL Voluson P8, MIC Giraffe™ Warmer, MIC Panda™ iRES Warmer, ARC Aestiva 7100 and ARC Tec 7 Vaporizer.

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