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Pump Unit, E-sC(Ai)O(V)
Monitoring Solutions
Respiratory Monitors
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Product Overview

The Pump Unit, E-sC(Ai)O(V) is used in the patient monitoring. It is designed to monitor respiratory and ventilator parameters in anesthesia and critical care applications. The modules provide measurements of airway gases, anesthetic agents with identification and patient spirometry. It is produced from the CYCOLOY™ Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (PC/ABS). The material has the high score impact strength. Since there is no change of dimensions seen during exposure to water or any deformation variations in solid material when the temperature increases, it is considered to have very high dimensional accuracy and stability. The ABS material is resistant to ignition sources and has electrical insulation. The texture method in the visible surfaces is seen either as photo etched or eroded. Remaining surfaces will be either machined or eroded. This involves an injection molding process, which can be molded to form or shapes, even if it is complex. Injection molding process is always reliable and efficient. The surface finish of the product is excellent and has high production rate. The GE product is an innovation and technology which fits well into versatile customer needs. The product is securely packaged inside a high quality packing box to avoid physical damage during transit. It is used in a wide range of medical equipment such as CARESCAPE Monitor B650 and other medical diagnostic imaging equipment.

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