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Assembly MAC 1200 Main Control PWA for v6.2
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Resting ECG
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Product Overview

The Assembly MAC 1200 Main Control PWA for v6.2 is used in MAC 1200ST BATT which comes under the modality of Diagnostic ECG. The MAC 1200 is an ECG acquisition and recording system designed and manufactured by Marquette Medical Systems. The circuit board is having the several resistors, capacitors, transistors, semi-conductor diodes, sensor, fuse, connector, contact soldering, buzzer, connector cable, converter, comparator, buffer, integrated chips, reset circuit, stepper motor, voltage regulator and many other required parts for the PCB batter pack. The control panel is having power input, paper door, windows allows you to check the power supply, patient cable connector, connection for electrode application system KISS and serial interface. The GE product is an innovation and fit well into versatile customer needs. The part is diligently designed for superior performance and reliability. It is securely packed inside a high quality packing box to avoid physical damage during transit and labeled with details about the product, Quality Assurance (QA) seal and shipment details.

Compatible Products

MAC 1100

MAC 1100

MAC 1200

MAC 1200

MAC 1200ST

MAC 1200ST

Equivalent Part :

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Equivalent partPart Details
  • Spare Pcb.Control for MAC 1200 . Backward compatible
  • Exchange Pcb.Control for MAC 1200 . Backward compati

MAC 1200 Main Control Printed Wire Assembly (PWA) for v6.

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