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Cover Flow Sensor
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Product Overview

The Cover Flow Sensor is a cover for the flow sensor manifold that is used in the Breathing Gas Circuit (BGC). It covers the flow sensors. It is attached to the flow sensor holder by means of a M6 thumb screw. It provides the province for sensors to pass through separately. The cover is made of Polyphenylsulfone, which makes it durable and strong. It can withstand impact without any breakage thus protecting the flow sensors and sensor holder. Since the readings in the flow meter are sensitive, the cover protects them from external factors. No sharp edges or corners are present on the cover thus making it easier to handle. The texture and surface finishing provides a semi glossy finish to the cover. The top of the cover has a grade 2 finish, so that there is a firm grip with the flow sensor holder. No paint is allowed in openings around and M6 insert areas and hence it is safe to use with flow meters. This cover flow sensor is manufactured using a high precision technique which offers the good dimensional accuracy. The good dimensional accuracy of the cover helps provide the precise fit in the required assembly and the cover has edges which are rounded, smooth, and free of all imperfections, which otherwise could present a safety hazard to the operator, the patient or field service personnel. It is manufactured using high precision techniques which helps to achieve a good surface finish as well as good product consistency. The part is diligently designed for high performance and reliability. It is securely packaged inside a high quality packing box to avoid physical damage during transit and labeled with details about the product, Quality Assurance (QA) seal and shipment details.

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