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Valve Relief 100psi Alum Body 7/16-20 Thread MPOS
Anesthesia Delivery
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

A wide range of pressure relief valves that is release pressurized fluid through an auxiliary exhaust pathway. A relief valve is designed to open at a specific pressure to help protect pumps and other equipment from exceeding stress limits. When pressure rises above the set limit, a safety valve can divert liquids, gases or a liquid-gas mixture to a flare header to help relieve pressure and normalize. An Anesthetic machine with a regulated pressure of 45-60 PSIG, there may be a relief valve also called as pop off the valve which opens at a pressure of 5 PSIG (300 cm of H2O) to prevent the risk of damage to the vaporizers and flow meters if the outlet is obstructed. A pressure relief valve is required to protect the system from increased pressures in the collector loop, and additional over-temperature protection may be needed to prevent the collector heat transfer fluid from decomposing or becoming corrosive. The tanks in anesthesia machines are also fitted with pressure relief valves that open under excessive pressure to decrease the risk of tank explosion from increased pressure owing to heat or overfilling.

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7-07-000008-S Pressure relief valve
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