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GE HealthCare COVID-19 response

Disposable accessories help improve infection control

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Single patient use (SPU) and disposable consumables

Improvement infection control with disposable and single patient use consumable. Their use helps decreasing cross contamination risk and improving workflows. Our consumables are reliable and compatible with GE HealthCare equipment.

Water traps and filters


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GE HealthCare offers disposable and reusable patient accessories to help reduce cross-contamination. For heightened precaution for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection, the water traps may be replaced more frequently than indicated on the instructions for use.

  • Disposable Adult HMEF with Luer Port (50/box)

    Item No. 2106570-010

  • Disposable Adult HEPA Filter with Luer Port (50/box)

    Item No. 2106570-008

  • Disposable Adult Bacterial/Viral filter with Luer port (50/box)

    Item No. 2106570-007

For use in ICU

  • D-Fend+ Water Trap, Green, (10/box)

    Item No. 881319-HEL

  • D-Fend Pro Water Trap, Dark Steel Blue (10/box)

    Item No. M1182629

For use in Anesthesia

  • D-Fend Pro Water Trap, Dark Steel Blue (10/box)

    Item No. M1182629

Single-Use Accessories

Disposable accessories

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GE HealthCare accessories offer reliable, disposable solutions. Single-patient-use accessories do not require sterilization or assembly, which can lead to time savings and can help lower the risk of costly equipment related infections.

Most popular accessories


    Item No. 2097307-001

  • Single Patient Use Exhalation Valve Assembly (1/box)

    Item No. 1505-8568-001

  • Single Patient Use Respiratory Flow Sensor (1/box)

    Item No. 1505-3231-001

  • Single Patient Use Exhalation Valve Assembly with Respiratory Flow Sensor (1/box)

    Item No. 1505-3848-001

Comprehensive Portfolio

Disposable cuffs

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With sizes from infant to adult plus forearm and thigh, GE HealthCare has single-patient-use cuffs for your entire patient population. SOFT-CUF™ is designed with soft, absorbent material for maximizing patient comfort.

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