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GE HealthCare clinical accessories

Maintain high performance for your GE HealthCare equipment with reliable & compatible clinical accessories.

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NIBP cuffs with standardized DINACLICK connector system

Why use GE TruSignal sensors?

Only GE TruSignal sensors are tested and validated by GE Healthcare for use with GE Healthcare monitoring products containing TruSignal technology to guarantee the compatibility, performance and reliability. GE Healthcare TruSignal technology also allows SPI measurement.

  • Safety:
    Probe diagnostics are designed for GE TruSignal sensors only with safe material.
  • Accuracy:
    GE Healthcare TruSignal sensors are made with high quality LEDs, which ensure the optimal wavelength range.
  • Durability:
    Thorough testing has been done on the SpO2 cables and sensors regarding flex life, tensile strength and connect/disconnect cycles.
  • SPI Measurement:
    TruSignal SpO2 technology is required for SPI (Surgical Plethysmographic Index) monitoring, which is a key component of the Adequacy of Anaesthesia concept, to measure the patient's response to surgical stimuli and analgesic medications.

Direct access to clinical accessories for every care area

At GE HealthCare, we strive to provide ease and support to you throughout the lifecycle of your equipment, helping keep your healthcare facilities running smoothly.

Patient Monitoring

ECG, cardiac output, invasive pressure, and temperature accessories for efficient care.

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Diagnostic Cardiology

ECG lead wires, electrodes and recording papers for all your MAC™, Cardiosoft™, Case™, and SEER™ equipment.

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Maternal-Infant Care

IUPC, T Piece, Fetal Sprial Electrode (FSC) recording papers and more to support your GE HealthCare equipment.

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