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Quick Calibrate Calibration Gas/CO₂/O₂/N₂0 - 4 Cans/Package
755583-HEL 755587 M1006864
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Product Overview

The Quick Calibrate Calibration Gas/CO₂/O₂/N₂0 is a calibration gas kit that is a reference gas or gas mixture that is used as a comparative standard in the calibration of a sample. The patient monitoring machine provides this calibration gas in order to calibrate the gases in airway module. The airway module measures and monitors gases inhaled and exhaled by the patient through the system. The module consists of sensors for measuring CO₂, O₂, N₂0 and a gas sampling system with the water separation system. The sensors in a machine respond to a sample of air as well as to a gas mixture of known concentration. The responses are compared in both cases and the accuracy can be detected. This is done automatically by means of selecting calibration in the menu of the machine. The gas mixture of CO₂, O₂ and N₂0 is provided in an aerosol cylinder as the calibration gas. The lot number, expiration date and Unique Device Identifier (UDI) markings are provided on the cylinder label.

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Equivalent partPart Details

A Quick Calibration Gas is a reference gas or gas mixture


The Quick Calibration gas mixture is intended for the CAR


The Calibration Dual Gauge Gas Regulator Valve is a multi

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