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Shelf Assembly 12 x 12 - Instrument Gray
Maternal-Infant Care
Ohio Infant Warmer Systems
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Shelf Assembly consists of a swivel shelf, swivel arm shelf support, washers, post swivel shelf and pawl block mounting parts. It is used in warmer machines for material holding purposes. The swivel shelf is a rectangular part which can be rotated. This part is made from a Noryl FN 215 that has a high impact resistance and good dimensional stability. The swivel arm shelf support is the part which supports the swivel shelf. This part is made of an aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloys are light in weight but still has high strength properties. This part gives angular movement to the arm swivel base. The pawl block assembly connects the whole unit with the warmer machine. This assembly consist of many parts such as the knob block, pawl accessory block, compression spring, and pin. The post swivel shelf block connects the arm swivel and pawl block. This part is made of 303 type stainless steel and has knurl cuts which give a controlled movement to the base part.

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