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Printer Thermal Case
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Invasive Cardiology
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Printer Thermal Case is being used with ECG diagnostic machine. It is connected to a 24V power supply unit using the power cable (black/red) and computer using the USB cable for printing the output of the patient. Thermal printing is nothing but a digital printing process which is used to produce a printed image by thermal paper, when the paper passes over the thermal print head. This thermal printer has one of the major components named as Writer which is used to print the outputs on thermal paper in the form of diagonal and triangle lines which will be straight and uniform. Moreover, it can print the alphanumeric information for indicating experimental condition. This triangle and diagonal lines on the paper are clean and unbroken. The thermal paper is placed in the paper storage compartment in the printer. It can produce the unlimited number of waveforms. It has various printing speeds with quality. The various speed ranges are 5 mm/s, 12.5 mm/s, 25 mm/s and 50 mm/s. The speed range of the printer is selected from the “drop-down” menu for writer speed of the system. The paper perforation aligns with the tear bar on the writer door after cueing. It produces the good print outs which means it does not have the gaps, ripples and fading in the lines.

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